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icons, graphics & miscellany by kindergraph
( weatherboxes )
wěth.ər.bŏks, noun. a mechanical contrivance in the form of a house, which indicates changes in atmospheric conditions by the appearance or retirement of toy images.

a journal of icons, screencaps, graphics, and other pleasant, ugly miscellany by kindergraph. mostly anime and video game-related, for the weeaboos among us. a policy of use:

o1, if you take an icon or other graphic, credit is required. this includes the original artist in graphics where fanart was used.
o2, screencaps, brushes and other resources are the only posts that are friends-only on this account.
o3, comments are very much appreciated!
o4, do not redistribute, ESPECIALLY without credit!
o5, do not edit icons without permission.

they met on a star, an intergalactic romance.
their metallic hearts shattered, in a swell of stellar matter.
they burst into flames of the most beautiful colour;
they said they'd marry and the next day they did.

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